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Empathy by Design is an experiential online workshop for individuals motivated to lead a team or organization, with or without authority, through the difficult process of change, development, or innovation.

Deadline for Sign Up is April 2nd

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Program Intention

  • Have you ever lead a team, where nobody did the right thing well unless (or even after) you told them what to do and how?
  • Have you ever been hired for your expertise only to have your expertise be ignored or disrespected by your colleague, client, or boss?
  • Have you ever experienced (silent) tension with your co-worker that left you feeling hopeless, isolated, or undermined?

If so, you’re probably tempted to blame the other person. At the same time, it is likely that these were mere symptoms of an underlying lack of psychological safety, stability, or security in the relationship or organization.

We not only fail to foster, but also unintentionally remove a sense of psychological safety, stability, or security in our relationships when we do not communicate, interact, or converse in ways that are perceived by others as “empathic.” This is especially so when working across cultures or disciplines and also when there is emotional tension or power differential in the relationship.

Many of us are frustrated with other people’s or our organization’s inability to change, develop, or innovate. This program will challenge you to change yourself first, even in the face of emotional stress or tension. We believe that the key to change, development, and innovation lies not merely in changing others, but also in changing ourselves first.

Program Benefits

The workshop aims to provide some of the most essential ingredients for change, development, and innovation such as:

  • Accountability
  • Feedback and feedforward
  • Mental models and practical tools
  • New perspectives and mental breakthoughs
  • Psychological clarity, security, and focus
  • A safe and stable space to practice interactions

Program Tuition

The tuition for the basic program is USD 1400 per person. 30% off the basic program is offered if you enroll by 3/27. The discounted tuition of the basic program is USD 980.

The tuition for the basic plus program, which adds professional 1-on-1 coaching to the experience, is USD 3600 per person. 10% off the basic plus program is offered to those who enroll by 3/27. The discounted tuition of the basic plus program is USD 3240. There is an enrollment limit of 12 in the basic plus program.

In many cases, your company will reimburse you if you ask the HR department.

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    Your experience of the program will be...

  1. Structured by 14 weekly online meetings. (No travel required)
  2. Driven by your own personal intention, purpose, and vision.
  3. Evolved by a set of continuously self-initiated projects.
  4. Punctuated by 3 surprise challenges. (One every 4 weeks).
  5. Guided by the observation-reflection-action loop.
  6. Supported by a peer coach and an optional professional coach.

realizing empathy will prove valuable when...

Receiving feedback
  • Asking for feedback
  • Understanding critical feedback from others and yourself
  • Learning from feedback
  • Interviewing
  • Getting buy-in
  • Negotiating
  • Asking for support
  • Engaging new people
  • Working with difficult people
  • Creatively integrating diverse viewpoints
  • Presenting ideas
  • Providing influential feedback
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Telling stories
  • Delegating
  • Managing up
  • Maintaining accountability
Helping Others
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Consulting
  • Mediating conflict
  • Guiding contentious or circular conversations
  • Holding safe space
  • Promoting collective creativity
Making Decision
  • Overcoming unsconscious bias
  • Thinking more clearly amidst complexity and uncertainty
Developing Relationships
  • Earning trust
  • Earning respect

All innovation processes give rise to challenging interpersonal dynamics like misunderstandings, blame, contempt, loneliness, anxiety, lack of influence, or shame. You are not alone. Learn to leverage them as sources of insight and innovation by realizing empathy.

Program begins April 5th


This program is being offered at a time when you’re hearing a lot about the word empathy. They say that empathy is “important.” But you’re wondering “How so? How does it work? What are its limits? How do I apply it? Is it something I can actually work on?” This program will help you and your fellow participants work together to find the answer to all those questions and more. Most importantly, you will get to tailor the answers to your situation.


This program will be significantly different from most other online programs you have encountered.

  • It will be custom fit to your own personal intention, purpose, and vision for your context.
  • It will be integrated into your day-to-day life.
  • It will be immersive as it focuses on experiential learning by actively observing, reflecting, and acting.
  • It will be supportive as the learning experience is structured not only around the individual, but also around pairs and small groups.

First TEDx Talk

Second TEDx Talk

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